BitNami WordPress Stack

BitNami WordPress Stack 5.3

A MySQL, PHP, and Apache integration package for WordPress
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Create and optimize a WordPress module in your design or online platform project. Integrate the current versions of MySQL, PHP, and Apache elements, exclude any elements at will, check the resulting functionality. Establish a custom server in the cloud.

BitNami WordPress Stack is a comprehensive software program comprised of a complete distribution package for installing a WordPress stack. It includes MySQL for managing databases, Apache for web server configuration, and PHP as the scripting language.

The application GUI is fairly basic, with very few embedded utilities, customization options, or extra themes. Yet, it responds well to user commands and uses a low amount of system resources.

Though it's not rocket science to install it, the application does require some degree of networking knowledge in order to put its functionalities to work. Once you've installed it, you can start your Apache server, create a MySQL database, and use PHP to create dynamic web applications.

BitNami WordPress has a blog for starters where you can customize your blog and add various features to it, like posts, comments, archives, a search tab or menu categories.

To sum it up, Bitnami WordPress Stack is a complete software utility that provides users the tools to set up, deploy and configure a WordPress blog. Though its interface has no rich features, you should take into consideration that it's free and very intuitive.

John Saunders
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  • Uses a low amount of system resources
  • Offers good response to user actions
  • Provides the means to manage web applications


  • Lacks themes
  • Requires networking knowledge
  • Has no customization options
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